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News Center

  • Texas mayors get behind high-speed rail

    A recent article printed by the Dallas News reported that the mayors of Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth are in agreement in their backing of a proposed high-speed rail.

  • Obstacle Run gives new twist to fundraising

    The Salvation Army is banking on the idea that the Obstacle Run it is holding through downtown Dallas will be just the sort of challenge that many running enthusiasts are looking for.

  • Dallas Arboretum combines arts and flowers for Artscape

    The last weekend of April presents Artscape, the Dallas Arboretum's Annual Fine Art Show and Sale.

  • Vanity plates snatched up during bidding war

    Proud Dallas residents who want to get a vanity license plate are in for a disappointment, because the one with DALLAS on it has just been taken.

  • Dallas couple's collection coming back to Texas

    Just a few miles from Dallas, the Kimball Art Museum is hosting part of a local couple's collection of Samurai items.

  • Family's map proves to be a treasure

    An 1849 map of Texas was sold last Saturday for $149,000 by the Dallas Heritage Auctions.

  • Help at hand in meeting new Texas voter requirements

    Due to recently passed legislation, this November statewide election will be the first one to require a photo ID. In response to the new requirement, the Department of Public Safety (DPS) has developed a plan to make it easier for voters to meet this qualification.

  • Bullet train station sites in the cards for Dallas

    Texas Central Railway, has plans to build a high-speed train capable of traveling 220 miles per hour.

  • Politician attempts to spice up local economy

    A local politician is hot on the trail of jobs in the Dallas area. Rep. Jason Villalba, R-Dallas, who loves Sriracha, a chili and garlic hot sauce, is on a mission to have a plant producing the sauce to relocated here.

  • Banks agree on sunny outlook for Texas in 2014

    Good news for Dallas residents: according to U.S. financial holding company, BBVA Compass Bancshares Inc., 2014 will break the seven year financial drought that has plagued the country. Its expectations are that 2014 will see 25 states exceeding the recent 2.3 average GDP growth in the new year.