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News Center

  • Holiday fun swings by Dallas

    A fun holiday outing awaits Dallas residents just 13 miles away in Addison, with The Fifth Annual Addison Circle Tree Lighting Ceremony taking place later this month.

  • Record beef price recorded at Texas State Fair

    The Texas State Fairs Grand Champion steer sold for a record-breaking price of $112,000, which was $2,000 more than last years Grand Champion.

  • Earth and health events come together this month

    This year, when the Texas Veggie Fair comes to Reverchon Park here in Dallas, it will do so in partnership with 2014: Earth Day Texas.

  • North Texas set for upped cricket numbers, says expert

    Dallas residents who have not noticed an unusual amount of crickets this year are likely to do so as the fall progresses, a local pest control expert has said.

  • Munger Place invites public to celebration

    The historic neighborhood of Munger Place is holding an eclectic three-day celebration this month, all of which culminates in a festival and craft fair to which the public is invited.

  • Texan mascot gets a new look

    When the Texas State Fair takes place this year in Dallas, fair-goers will once again be greeted by the iconic Big Tex.

  • Study ranks Dallas high on tech employment

    The financial resource website, SmartAsset, conducted a study to determine the best and worst cities for technology workers. Dallas was ranked the 4th best city for those seeking employment in technology.

  • New park open for fun at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital

    Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children revealed its newly renovated park to the public on Saturday, August 9.

  • Leadership symposium for those who serve others

    Texas Catalyst for Empowerment (TCE) is hosting its 4th Annual Leadership Symposium in the Dallas-Fort Worth area this weekend.

  • Fashion fix on the Dallas agenda

    Fashion Arena, which is being presented next weekend by The Fashion Opera at The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, will allow attendees to juxtapose natures finery with that produced by the fashion industry.